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Top Safety Tips For Cooking With Children

on May 14, 2012

I believe part of the reason my daughter is such a non-fussy eater is because I try to include her in the cooking process as much as possible.  The other part of the reason is probably that she takes after me and just loves all types of food!!  Here is a lovely guest-poster who has some brilliant tips for cooking with children:

Cooking with your kids is not only messy and fun, but it is a great way to set them up for the future and ensure they have good eating habits.

I always try to get my kids involved when I get the chance, as they love mixing the dough, chopping the vegetables and stirring the sauces.

Yet if I have learnt one thing over the years safety really does matter when kids are involved. That is why I have come up with the following safety tips so you and you kids can whip up biscuit recipes safely, and still have fun.

  1. Are your hands clean? It is important that you all wash your hands before you begin handling food and cooking to prevent the transferral of germs. Similarly whenever any of you cough, sneeze or go to the bathroom, you need to wash your hands again.
  2. Choose your recipes wisely – it can be hard to judge what recipe is right for your kids, especially when they are so curious about cooking generally, but don’t give them too much too soon.
    Instead judge their tasks based on their age and ability. For instance toddlers will have tonnes of fun simply decorating the top of chocolate chip cookies, whilst older kids will easily be able to follow recipes, measure ingredients and mix them themselves.
  3. Be organised – get out all the ingredients and tools you need in advance so your kids can begin cooking straight away. Just remember to take over using knifes or turning on the oven if they are young to prevent accidents.
  4. Show them what to do – eventually your kids will get to the age where they want to cut things themselves. To prevent them cutting themselves or their fingers, first show them how to do it properly, get them to practice and always ensure that you are there to supervise.
  5. Supervise – even the most innocent of objects can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so make sure you supervise them closely and offer to help where needed to keep them safe.
  6. Don’t be tempted to sample – whilst we are constantly reassured that eggs have been processed to protect you from salmonella, I strongly recommend never letting your kids try uncooked foods, especially those with egg in them, to protect them from poisoning. Instead allow them to sample the finishing touches of your biscuit recipe endeavours…

Cooking with your kids can lead to countless hours of fun. Just remember to keep the above points in mind and you too can offer your kids a fun and safe cooking environment.

I’m Keli and I love cooking with my kids. I prefer the healthy option of making my own food but when I want to spoil my family I like the easy option of ordering from an online bakery.


2 responses to “Top Safety Tips For Cooking With Children

  1. I think it’s great that you involve your daughter so much in food preparation. I reckon that allowing children to be involved with food early on helps them to want to try new things and not develop fussy habits. My mum used to encourage us to help in the kitchen and used to allow us to lick the cake bowls, I’m afraid to say! It didn’t do me or my siblings any harm, as far as I know, but I think I would be more careful about it now. Interestingly, my granddad used to swallow a raw egg every day and he was in a good state of health in his elderly years. It’s hard to get the balance right I think, but important to teach your children good hygiene practises, and invaluable in adult life to know how to cook from scratch.

    • leanneregan says:

      I was also allowed to lick the cake bowls! The only time my daughter’s taken her life in her hands with this is when we were cutting out cookie shapes – and as soon as I was looking elsewhere she was shovelling cookie dough into her mouth! I kept trying to stop her with thoughts of salmonella going through my head, but thankfully she was fine! 🙂

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