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What cake do you make for a 2 year old who loves ‘puss cats’?

on June 11, 2012

A cat cake of course!

It was my daughter’s 2nd birthday last month and she LOVES cats.  Only from afar – when she gets close enough to touch them she’s not so sure about them!

I really wanted to make a realistic looking cat cake rather than a ‘Hello Kitty’ style flat cake.  So I had a good look online but still couldn’t find anything that didn’t look a little bit freaky or unrealistic.

Then I remembered I had a lovely book where I found last year’s cake idea.  It’s called ’50 Easy Party Cakes’ by Debbie Brown and has so many great designs – I wouldn’t exactly say they are ‘easy’ so the title is a little misleading, but then again I am a novice at this apart from a one day course!

The cat cake in this book was a cute black cat sitting on top of a huge ball of wool.  This is why I used the pyrex bowl for my last cake – in practice for creating this ball shape.  I made 2 ball shapes then cut them down to have 2 flat edges together with butter icing between to form the large ball.  I also covered the whole ball in butter icing.  In hindsight I think I put too much butter icing between the shapes as the ball kept sliding, and I ended up with a not so ball shape once the weight of the icing was brought into the equation!! Oh well!  As my husband said – a ball of wool isn’t perfectly round anyway!  Here it is:

I covered the ball shape with a layer of pink regal icing, then created lots of spaghetti strings with the same icing to form the wool.  This part took HOURS!!! I had to glue each string onto the cake.

The cat itself was quite simple to make after the wool – and I found I really enjoyed creating him – it felt like he had a character all of his own!  My daughter and her little friends really enjoyed eating him so he didn’t last long!

Look out fore more animals made from icing coming soon …



5 responses to “What cake do you make for a 2 year old who loves ‘puss cats’?

  1. Glenda says:

    Wow, that’s amazing Leanne! Can I have a ball of wool cake for my birthday please!? We’re currently planning to be in Edinburgh though, so that might not be very practical! x

    • leanneregan says:

      Thank you honey, I did vow never to make a ball of wool cake ever again at the time, but I’m sure I could make an exception for you! What’s your favourite colour wool and I’ll think about how I can get it to you around your birthday!! 🙂 x

      • Glenda says:

        Haha! I like purple wool best. That wool looks like the lovely squishy kind that you get too. I expect that this wool is a bit too squishy to knit with though! I’m not really expecting you to make me a birthday cake, even though it is your year of baking. Unless we make a plan to see each other around then. Now that’s a good idea!! x

  2. This is astonishing Leanne! I admire your dedication with the wool, what a wonderful mother you are.

    • leanneregan says:

      Thank you Lorna, I wasn’t in a hurry to do that one again – but my lovely cousin has just asked for one as she loves knitting (and is brilliant at it!) so I think the practice would be good!!

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