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One month of tasty blogging

I just realised its been exactly one month since my friend Zoe (www.mummykins.co.uk) introduced me to the world of blogging. And I am well and truly hooked!

I’ve been reading so many blogs written by so many interesting people all over the world. I still find it amazing when I get an alert saying a new person is following mine. I think, “really, that person wants to read what I write!”. It’s such a great community to belong to!

It’s a week for marking important milestones this week as it’s also my birthday this Sunday.

I have been wondering if anyone will be making me a cake. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am some sort of high maintenance, ‘it’s all about me’ diva who expects this kind of thing from friends and family. It’s just that as my 2012 mission is to bake cakes for all my close family and friends for their birthdays, I’m somewhat worried they might all take it upon themselves to return the favour and I’ll have a dozen cakes to eat!!

Mind you, would that be so bad!? I can hear the scales shouting at me already, “don’t do it”!! If anyone has a great low fat cake recipe please let me know 🙂

I have a feeling my second month of blogging may be dedicated to salad recipes …